Far Cry 6 Release Date, Leaked Pictures, News & Rumors 2023

Previously set for early 2023, Far Cry 6 release date has now seemingly shifted to mid of May 2023. Far Cry games have always ignited interest in players with each new release, transporting them to a surreal landscape that is exotic, lush, and dangerous.

For many anticipators, Far Cry 6 was going to be their perfect escape from 2023 into virtual tourism. But they were all hit with the news of delay from 18 February 2023 to God knows when!

Though the delay broke many hopeful hearts, it was no longer than a few months that the awaited game’s release date got leaked and it’s seemingly releasing on the 07th of October, 2023.

Microsoft Store has hinted towards the release of Far Cry 6 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Google Stadia. It has been confirmed that the game will be on both next-gen consoles at 4K / 60 FPS.

Developed by Ubisoft Toronto, Far Cry 6 will be starring The Breaking Bad actor Giancarlo Esposito as the main villain of the game, Anton Castillo. 

Far Cry 6 trailer looks very promising and intriguing, with Castillo now gearing up his soon-to-be-traumatized son Diego to take on the leadership role for the totalitarian island state of Yara, a fictionalized version of Cuba.

The player will take the role of Yaran guerrilla revolutionary, Dani Rojas, who shall put an end to the chaos caused by political upheaval and war. Esposito’s measured performance with menace and empathy both in the perfect ratio makes this a clever piece of exposition.

The urgency this trailer sets for coming storms establishes how crucial precision and staggering speed is. 

The player character is going to be customizable completely, just like Far Cry 5. Members of the development team at Ubisoft have made an unprecedented effort to connect Dani Rojas, the history of Yara, and the antagonists.

We’ve also been hearing a lot about Anton’s layered characterization, motives, and revelations about Yara.

The next couple of months are going to be packed with more rumors and hopefully some confirmations too on what more this game has to offer and when it is finally releasing.

This is perhaps the first big leak regarding Far Cry 6 since its trailer was revealed and definitely worth following upon. 

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