Should You Buy a Graphics Card Now or Wait? 2023 Guide

Graphics cards or diamonds? The price for GPUs has increased substantially over the two years. Whether it is the budget graphics cards and cheapest 4k GPUs, or the higher-end ones – the prices for all of them have climbed. Such high prices have pulled back many people from buying graphics cards right now and they are now willing to wait.

However, according to different sources, it is very much probable that the prices will keep on increasing. Others, contrarily, believe that considering the ease in COVID restrictions, the prices should be falling. 

This chaos has left the consumers in complete confusion as they do not know whether they should purchase GPUs right now or wait for a few more months in the anticipation that the prices will fall. We are going to make this easy for you by explaining all perspectives.

Why did the Price Increase?

The main reason for the increase in the prices of GPUs was production halts coupled with the unavailability of components. This led to a decrease in the supply of GPUs in the market and consequently, the prices kept on increasing. The black market also came into being after this shortage of motherboards in the market, causing the prices to soar high as the sky.

Is the situation getting better?

COVID situation is improving day by day. Production plants have re-opened albeit with partial capacity. Shipments and logistical issues are starting to be resolved. However, the shortage of GPU components still exists and according to market experts; it will continue until the end of this year or even the beginning of the next. This means that any substantial fall in prices shouldn’t be expected in the coming months.

Should a GPU be purchased right now?

graphics card

If you’ve been waiting for the last one year and cannot wait any more, considering the type of work you require the graphics card for; it is recommended that you buy it right now after thorough research. You would probably find one at a relatively lower price from some stores that have promotional offers. 

However, if you wanted a GPU for entertainment purposes only, i.e., for gaming, we suggest that you should wait until the mid of the next year. Prices will continue to creep up for the next nine to twelve months, however, after that, they will come down and that would be the best time for gamers to grab their preferred GPU. 

What should gamers do now then?

We understand that gaming without the right GPU doesn’t make sense, however, considering the excessively high prices we won’t suggest buying a GPU right now. Especially because its value would decrease exponentially just a year later. 

What gamers can do right now, however, is to purchase a used graphics card. Though it could be a risky decision, thorough research and checking ins and outs in depth will allow you to get a nice, if not the perfect, graphics card. It should suffice for now, and you can go on to buy your dream card a year later.

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