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The idea behind Gaming-Reviews is not limited to the latest gaming products reviewed, we wanted to build an online space where a newbie, a tech lover, a pro gamer, or just anybody could come and intake as much information as they like in any form.

We’ve got tech reviews, gaming news, latest releases, tips and tricks, exciting deals laid in the simplest and most congenial manner for all kinds of audiences. We aim to help people educate themselves and find all peripherals they might need when building or upgrading their hardware.

This is a regularly updated resource of gaming/tech information put together by a few dedicated tech geeks just like yourself. It’s a one-stop-shop to find recommendations, buying guides, and recent, notable happenings in the gaming world, just everything from soup to nuts.

People behind Gaming-Reviews.com

A small team of committed tech professionals impassioned by gaming, innovation, and technological sophistication is working on building and growing this platform for the likes of them. We have authors on board working assiduously on compiling regular, up-to-date content.

Let’s introduce you to each of them in a little more detail below.

Mohammad Abid

Mohammad Abid

Hey, Allow me to introduce myself, I’m the guy who started this website and the voice behind Gaming-Reviews. I hold a BBA in digital marketing from Germany and wanted to work in the same. But my special interest in Gaming and Gadgets led me to start a website that has become my focus as of late.

I’ve had a special interest in Gaming, Gadgets, and VPNs for as long as I can remember. In addition to being a gaming analyst, I’m also a marketing professional, founder of GrowthBuilders.

My most favorite games are FarCry 5 & New Dawn (waiting for FarCry 6), Red Dead Redemption (both I and II), Cyberpunk 2077, MafiaDefinitive Edition. I used to play CS: GO, nowadays I mostly play Valorant and FREEFIRE.

Pictures of my gaming and home-office setup.

Abdul Wahab

Hi, I’m Abdul Wahab, a tech geek by passion and a Product Designer by profession. I write, read, and watch tech 24/7.

I’ve been reviewing smartphones and creating well-researched and engaging content on technology for the last five years now.

Binge-watching tech-reviews and endlessly reading tech-blogs are some of my hobbies.

Follow my weekly guides to stay updated on anything tech-related 🙂

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